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Cells and organization of living things. Risorsa per il CLIL di Biologia in lingua inglese

red - Di seguito viene proposta una raccolta di domande sulla cellula, utili per le classi in cui sono stati attivati dei persorsi CLIL di Biologia in lingua inglese.


  1. Compare and contrast a prokaryotic cell with a eukaryotic cell.

  2. Name two cell parts that are found in plant cells but not animal cells.

  3. What cell structure regulates materials entering and leaving the cell?

  4. The cell membrane is composed primarily of what?

  5. Which part of the cell membrane is hydrophobic?

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  7. Why might the cells in the roots of plants not have any chloroplasts?

  8. Why do muscle cells have more mitochondria than most other types of cells?

  9. Trace the path of a protein in a cell.

  10. Put the following in order from smallest to largest: organ, cell, tissue, organ system, organism

  11. What is homeostasis?

Study Suggestions:

Create and study flashcards of vocabulary terms:

  • Cell 
  • Tissue o Organ

 Create and study flashcards of cell parts: o Cell membrane

  • Nucleus 
  • Lysososme o Ribosome
  • Mitochondrion
  • Organ system o Prokaryote
  • Eukaryote 
  • Endoplasmic reticulum 
  • Golgi apparatus
  • Unicellular o Multicellular o Homeostasis 
  • Chloroplast o Cell wall
  • Vacuole 

Teach a family member, friend, or neighbor the content of one (or more!) of the study questions.

Create a Venn diagram to compare/contrast prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

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