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Earthquakes. Lezione per il CLIL di Scienze in lingua inglese

red - Viene di seguito proposto un piano di lezione sui Terremoti, utile per le classi in cui sono attivi dei percorsi CLIL di Scienze in lingua inglese.

Lesson Plan Content:

This lesson plan and slide presentation is to be used in conjunction with:

1 x earthquakes teacher briefing

1 x earthquakes teacher fact sheet

1 x earthquakes class work sheet

Lesson Overview:

Students will gain an understanding of earthquakes and seismic activity.

Estimated Time Requirement:

One 60 minute session.

Learning Objectives:

Students will be able to:

> understand the causes and types of earthquakes

> understand the effects and impacts of earthquakes

> understand the measurement of earthquakes


This lesson plan can aid students to demonstrate:

> Classifying skills

> Communicating skills

> Observing skills

Preparation prior to the lesson:

Before commencing the lesson, download and read through the teacher brie ng, fact sheet, work sheet and this presentation so you are fully conversant with the content and key terms. Also, ensure that the work sheet activity is possible to undertake in your classroom environment.

Lesson Sequence:

Here is a sequence of the lesson with suggested timings:

Preparation (5mins)

Inform the students that today they are all going to learn about earthquakes and seismic activity and take part in some
fun activity. Elicit from the students some of the things they already know about earthquakes.

Presentation (25mins)

Using a projector to present to the class, progressively run through the slides to impart all the key points about earthquakes.

Activity (25mins)

Having completed the presentation, undertake the participation and discussion exercise contained in the work sheet. This activity enables students to learn about some of the key words used in the study of earthquakes, boosting their vocabulary.

Assessment (5mins)

Ask students to write and/or illustrate what they did during this lesson and what they learned from their participation in the activity.

Close of Lesson

Closure: Ensure each group has completed the practical session and correctly matches the green and blue cards.

Extending the Lesson: Encourage students to do some research at home
on earthquakes, the impact they have on human settlements and how people prepare themselves for earthquakes.

Source of Lesson:

Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data Initiative. 

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