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Esempio di terza prova di Inglese degli Esami di Stato del Liceo Artistico per studenti con DSA

red - Viene di seguito proposta una simulazione della prova di inglese degli esami di stato del liceo artistico per studenti con disturbi specifici di apprendimento.

1. Complete the analysis of Füssli’s painting “The Nightmare” with the following words. 

body, madness, asleep, nightmare, devilish, head, mare, etymological, menacing, projections, sitting, title, creature, visionary, juxtaposition

Füssli's powerful ______________ painting shows a marked interest in dreams and ______________ , expressed through an unusual ______________ .

The scene presents a young woman ______________ on a couch, having a ______________ . She has lost control over her ______________ , totally abandoned to her vision.

A ______________ monkey-like figure is _______________ on her body (like an incubus: from Latin= a creature crouching on a sleeping person), while in the background we see the ______________ of a horse or a ______________ (a she-horse), which produces an oneiric (and ______________ ) association with the ______________ of the painting ‘The Nightmare’.

Both the monstrous ______________ and the horse look ______________ and are probably nightmaris ______________ of the sleeping woman’s mind. 

2. Using the following words box, complete the brief analysis of Wordsworth’s poem “Daffodils”.

sight, happiness, harmony, Memory, elements, long-lasting, senses, alone, momentary, mentally, scene, feel, solitude, pleasure, stretch 

The poet is wandering ______________ in the countryside, when he catches ______________of a “host, of golden daffodils”, which ______________ beside the lake and under the trees and seem to move continually in a dance. The ______________ described is peopled only by natural ______________, and the poet can enjoy it in a pleasant state of ______________. The ______________vision of natural beauty and ______________ brings ______________ and the poet in fact feels the same joy that the flowers seem to ______________. This vision has a ______________ effect on the poet. ______________, the “inward eye”, the capacity to evoke an emotion experienced through the ______________ in the past and re-create it ______________, will give him renewed ______________. 

3. Choose the correct answer.

The daffodils evoked by Jamaica Kincaid differ from Wordsworth’s ones because:

a)  they are a symbol of joy and happiness

b)  they have little meaning to a person of Caribbean origins who has no spring

c)  they are a symbol of death

d)  they are not related to nature

In the passage portaying the fictitious (yet realistic) English industrial town of Coketown, taken from Hard Times by C. Dickens, the buildings and the houses described are:

a) red

b) purple

c) of unnatural red and black

d) all inhabited by rich people

In the same passage as the previous question the «piston of the steam-engine» working «monotonously up and down» is compared to:

a) an interminable serpent of smoke

b) the black painted face of a savage

c) the head of an elephant in a state of melancholic madness

d) a black and dirty canal

For Wordsworth poetic language should be:

a)  the dialects of ordinary people

b)  a language similar to the simple ‘language of men’ 

c) a refined, sophisticated language which might embody ‘the divinity’ of poetry

d) a mixture of archaisms and simple words. 

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