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Flipped classroom lesson plan. Un piano delle attività per le lezioni capovolte

red - Di seguito viene proposto un piano per la programmazione delle attività di insegnamento capovolto, utile in contesti in cui siano stati attivati dei percorsi CLIL in lingua inglese.

Flipped Classroom Lesson Plan


Lesson Title:

Subject Area(s):

Grade Level:

Time Needed:

Learning Objectives (including cognitive and behavioral objectives)

Student Learning Resources at Home

  • Example
  • watch video xxx (name of the video) for xx minutes  http://www...
  • Play Game xxx (name of the game) for xx minutes http://www...
  • Teacher self-created materials video, game, quiz …

Student Learning Activities at Home

  • Fill KWL chart for the lesson
  • Prepare questions for the teacher
  • Exercise on worksheets, if any
  • Suggest other learning resources

Classroom Activities

  • Materials preparation
  • To engage the students by surveying learning outcomes through their KWL chart
  • Address common problems
  • Facilitate whole group discussion
  • Differentiation/Individualization
  • Let the above levels teach the below levels
  • Leveled group activities
  • Guide by the side


  • Formative/Summative
  • Challenging questions
  • Interactive quizzes
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