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The Holocaust. Una risorsa per il CLIL di Storia in lingua inglese

red - Viene di seguito proposta una risorsa didattica sull'olocausto, utile per le classi in cui sono attivi dei percorsi CLIL di Storia in lingua inglese.

The Persecution Begins

1. Define the Holocaust.

2. Why were the Jews targeted as the primary victims of the Holocaust?

3. What were the Nuremburg Laws?

4. What does Kristallnacht mean?

5. Describe the occurrences of the "Night of the Broken Glass"

6. What was the problem with the Jews fleeing Germany?

Hitler's Final Solution

7. What was the "Final Solution" from Hitler's perspective?

8. If you were living in Europe during the time of the Holocaust, who would you need to be to ensure that you did not come under the wrath of the German SS (security squadron)?

9. Describe life inside the "ghettos" that were created for the Jewish population.

10. Describe the German's purpose behind the concentration camps.

11. What happened to members of the concentration camp that were too weak or ill to perform their tasks?

12. Why did the Hitler and the German's feel it was necessary to begin creating death camps where they would use poisonous gases to execute the victims?

13. Describe the screening process and what someone would be told prior to being executed in one of these death camps.

14. How did the doctors play a role in the Holocaust? What were the atrocities committed by Dr. Josef Mengele?

15. What nation suffered the greatest number of Jewish casualties as a result of the Holocaust?

16. In reference to you answer to the previous question why does that seem ironic? (hint… remember Hitler's reasoning for why Germany was going to invade Poland)

America's Response

17. Describe what you think the feeling must have been like to be liberated from a concentration camp.

18. What was the purpose of the War Refugee Board created by Franklin Roosevelt?

19. What were the Nuremburg Trials and what was the outcome of the trials?

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