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Mass density. Appunti di Fisica in lingua inglese per le classi CLIL


red - Density measures the ‘heaviness’ of an object or how closely ‘packed’ the substance is. Density is related to both the type of material that an object is made of and how closely packed the material is.

Definition. The mass density or density of a material is its mass per unit volume. Matematically it is defined as mass divided by volume: $$d=\frac{m}{V}$$

where m is the mass of the material and V is the volume.  

Density is a derived quantity obtained  from mass and volume. The SI units for density are kg/m3, even if we also use the unit g/cm3.

Generally, density describes how tightly packed something is.  An object with a lot of material in a small space is more dense than an object that has lots of air space included.  

Density is a physical property constant at a given temperature and density can help to identify a substance.

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