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The Muses. Una risorsa per il CLIL di Greco in lingua inglese

red - Viene di seguito proposta una risorsa didattica sulle Muse, utile per il CLIL di letteratura greca in lingua inglese.

The Muses

The Muses was kind of like a club for REALLY creative people. Apollo of course was their leader/president of the club. The Muses were the 9 beautiful daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. These beautiful beings was secretly behind all the art, music, poetry and writing of the ancient greek world. They would visit you and inspiration would "hit" so to speak and you would suddenly stumble on that creative Eureka moment.

Calliope Muse of Epic Poetry

Calliope was the muses of long narrative poetry. She was said to always be holding a writing tablet. She helped inspire the Odyssey. She had a crush on Ares and they had 4 sons together which they named Mygdon, Edonus, Biston, and Odomantus, which all grow up to be the founders of the Thracian Tribes. Aphrodite being the jealous type didn't like Ares hanging out with Calliope so they broke up. 

Calliope then dated Apollo and they had a son Orpheus who grew up to be a famous poet. Apollo being the leader of the club though made it a bit awkward with them dating so they broke up and the wise and assertive Calliope ended up dating and marrying the King of Thrace, King Oeagrus. Together they lived happily ever after with their son Linus. 

Clio The Muse of History

Clio was the muse of History. Which means she was responsible for all knowledge that came from discoveries, events, investigations from the past. She can be identified as the muse who is holding a scroll sometimes she is holding multiple tablets. She was know as the Proclaimer. 

Clio was secretly dating Adonis and when Aphrodite found out she put a curse on the the muse and made her fall in love with the young Pieros instead.

Clio had 2 sons Hyancinth and Hymenaios, but no one can remember who their fathers were.

Erato Muse of Lyrical Poetry

Erato was the muse of lyrical poetry particularly love poems and songs. She can be identified from the rest of the muses by the white flowers and roses wrapped around her head like a crown. She is also the one who holds the Lyre. Sometimes she is shown holding the Kithara which is a musical instrument that her and Apollo invented together. 

Her bestfriend is Eros (sometimes called cupid). Erato would carry around golden arrows that she would give to her friend Eros who would shoot them at people making them fall in love with the first thing they would see. Erato and Eros would wonder all over striking people with inspiring love poems and then would make them fall in love.

Erato marries King Malos of Malea and they had a daughter who they named Kleophema.

Euterpe Muse of Music

Euterpe was the muse of music and dancing. Sometimes she would help out her sister Erato in the lyrical department. Euterpe is shown always holding a aulos (a double flute). some say that she is the one that invented the aulos. It is said that Euterpe was the bringer of happiness, and thats why music usually makes you happy and want to dance.

Euterpe married a minor river god by the name of Strymon and they have a son named Rhesus.Rhesus grows up to lead a band of Thracians during the Trojan War where he laters dies in battle at the hands of Diomedes.

Melpomene Muse of Tragedy

Originally Melpomene was the muse of song but with Erato and Euterpe also being muses of music Melpomene decided to strike out and find her own area to inspire. 

So Melpomene became the muse of tragedy and all things drama. In otherwords she became the muse and inspiration for all drama queens.  Melpomene is always shown holding a tragedy mask. A tragedy mask is something that actors would wear while doing tragic plays. She also wears a crown of ivy and special tragic actor boots called cothurnus.

Melpomene was on a walk by a river one day when she meet and fell in love with a minor river god named Akheloios who was the son of the Titan Tethys. They got married and became the proud parents of the Sirens.

Polyhymnia Muse of Sacred Music and Thought

Polyhymnia was the muse of sacred religious music and poetry. Polyhymnia is sometimes thought of as the muse of thinkers and geometry because she herself is such a deep thinking person.

Polyhymnia was a deep thinker. Compared to the other muses Polyhymnia was very serious and conservative. She is always shown wearing a long modest dress with a cloak like veil.

She is credited with inventing the lyre.  Many of the ancient Greek thinkers give credit and praise to Poyhymnia saying that it is she who helped inspire them to think great thinks.

Terpsichore Muse of Choral Song and Dance

Terpsichore is the muse of the choirs and their songs and dances. Like her sister Erato she is depicted with a Lyre, however unlike her sister she does not have the wreath of flowers for a crown. 

Terpsichore also had a thing for Apollo and together they had a son by the name Linos.

Thalia Muse of Comedy 

Thalia was the muses of comedy and short small poems.  A very light hearted funny gal, always making jokes and pulling pranks. She is easy to spot, because she is the muse holding the comedy mask in one hand and some sort of musical intrument in the other, usually a trumpet,  and having a crown of ivy on her head.

Like most of the muses Thalia had a thing for Apollo too, after all he was quite the hunk. They got together for a while and had a 9 children who became known as the Korybantes. The Korybantes were drumming dancers, but instead of drums they had swords and shields to make their music with.

Urania Muse of Astronomy

Urania,  the youngest muse, was the muse of astronomy and astrolgical writings. She inspired man to look up at the stars and ask "Why". She is always shown with a globe in her left hand and a pencil in her right. 

Urania could look at the stars and predict the future, this is where the practice of todays astrology readings started. 

Urania had lots of boyfriends and of course Apollo was one of them. Together they had son named Linos. Apollo started making googlie eyes at her sisters so Urania dumped him for Hermes.

She had a son with Hermes also named Linos (Linos was a very popular name back then kind of like John or Heather is today). Hermes being the messanger for the gods traveled alot and Urania didn't like that he was gone all the time so she dumped him too. 

One day while studying the stars she meets Amphimaros they fall deeply in love and get married. They had a son together that they named Linos.

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