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Significant Figures. Risorsa per il CLIL di Fisica in lingua inglese

red - Di seguito viene proposta una risorsa sulle cifre significative, utile per le classi in cui sono attivi dei percorsi CLIL di Fisica in lingua inglese.

Significant Figures

Science deals with measured quantities and each measured quantity has a particular accuracy based on the equipment used. The accuracy of any measurement is limited by errors of various types. It is important to keep track of these errors at least approximately in using or manipulating experimentally determined numbers. This is accomplished most readily with the rules for significant figures.

Rules for determining the number of significant figures:

1. All nonzero digits are significant: 159.75 contains 5 significant figures.

2. All zeros between two nonzero digits are significant: 108.005 m has 6 significant figures

3. All zeros to the left of an understood decimal point but the right of a nonzero digit are not significant: 212,000 m contains 3 significant figures.

4. All zeros to the left of an expressed decimal point and to the right of a nonzero digit are significant: 212,000. Kg contains 6 significant figures.

5. All zeros to the right of a decimal point but to the left of a nonzero digit are not significant: 0.000645 kg contains 3 significant figures.

6. All zeros to the right of a decimal point and to the right of a nonzero digit are significant: 0.00703 cm contains 3 significant figures.

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