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Sound Review. Risorsa per il CLIL di Fisica in lingua inglese

red - Viene di seguito proposta una verifica sul suono, utile per le classi in cui sono attivi dei percorsi CLIL di Fisica in lingua inglese.

Sound Review

1. A stationary observer hears a train approaching at a rate of 35.0 m/s. If the train’s whistle has a frequency of 785 Hz, what frequency will the observer hear?

2. Chip and Dale are riding identical scooters. Chip is riding at 29.5 m/s and Dale is traveling at 13.0 m/s. If they both honk their horns, which vibrate at 500. Hz, and the speed of sound is 340 m/s, calculate what each one will hear:

    a) As they approach each other.            b) After they have passed by each other.

3. If a lifeguard on her chair hears an approaching boat’s horn at 480 Hz and the boater hears 450 Hz, How fast is the boat approaching the beach?(v_sound=345 m/s)

4. How much power is radiated as sound from a vacuum cleaner whose intensity is 4.50 x 10^–4 W/m^2 at a distance of 1.50 m?

5. A loud clap of thunder has a power output of 151 kW and a sound intensity of 0.0250 W/m^2. How far are you from the thunder’s source?

6. A clap of thunder is measured at 110 dB, while a clap of applause is measured at 50 dB.

a) How many people clapping from the same distance as the original clap are necessary to equal the intensity of thunder?

b) How much louder is thunder than applause in this example?

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