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A tale of two archipelagos. Un’attività per il CLIL di Geografia in inglese

Isole Shetland

red – Di seguito viene proposto il testo “A tale of two archipelagos” che riporta alcune curiosità in merito all’arcipelago toscano e all’arcipelago delle isole Shetland in Scozia. Al termine del brano sono disponibili alcune domande del tipo vero/falso e domande a risposta singola.

“Comparing the five continents of our planet, you can see that Europe is the smallest by far. However, if you travel from north to south, or from east to west, you will find enormous differences in landscape, climate and culture. Looking at two archipelagos, one off the west coast of central Italy and one off the north coast of Scotland, we can see an excellent example of this diversity: the Arcipelago Toscano and the Shetland Islands.

The Arcipelago Toscano is made up of six islands. The biggest and most important is the Isola d’Elba. Geologically, Elba is what remains of a long stretch of land which connected Italy and Corsica. The oldest part, 400 million years old, is in the east, where the hills are rich in iron, once the main resource of the island. The west is the most recent part, and includes the highest mountain, Monte Capanne. In the centre there is a flat area where we find the most important towns. The island has a source of fresh water named after Napoleone Bonaparte, exiled there in 1814. The white sandy beaches, the Mediterranean climate and the delicious local Aleatico wine are irresistible tourist attractions.

The Shetland archipelago is made up of more than a hundred islands, but only fifteen are inhabited. Very few trees grow here because the wind always blows. Hills covered in heather overlook rocky crags, cliffs and pebble beaches, where you can see seals and otters. Fishing has been the main resource of the island for a long time, but the discovery of North Sea oil in the 1970s changed the economy. Tourism is also very important and more than half of the population depend on it for their jobs. The breeding of Shetland ponies, sheep farming, and the production and transformation of the world-famous Shetland wool are other economic activities. The weather is very cold in winter and cool in the summer: the beaches are fabulous, but don’t expect to swim there because in the summer the water is only 14°C!”

1) Where are the Arcipelago Toscano and the Shetland Islands?

2) Read the text again. True or false? Write T or F. Correct the false sentences.

Europe is bigger than the other four continents.

An archipelago is a group of islands.

Once in Italy and Corsica where on the same land.

In the Shetland Islands only a few islands have people on them.

The sea around the Shetlands is lovely to swim in.

3) Answer the questions.

Which is the oldest part of Elba?

What is the name of the highest mountain?

Why did Napoleon go to the island?

What are the economic resources of the Shetland Islands?

What is the most famous product of the Shetland Islands?

4) What do you think?

Have you visited any places in Europe that were very different from each other?

What are the biggest differences you found?

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