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Vibrations and waves. Una risorsa per il CLIL di Fisica in lingua inglese

red - Di seguito viene proposta una scheda di lavoro contenente alcuni quesiti e problemi sulle onde. La scheda può essere utilizzata nelle classi in cui sono attivi dei percorsi CLIL di Fisica in lingua Inglese.

Simple Harmonic Motion of Pendulums

  1. If a pendulum hanging from the top of a tower to the ground has a period of 24 s, how tall would the tower be?

  2. You are designing a pendulum clock to have a period of 1.0 s. How long should the pendulum be?

  3. A trapeze artist swings in simple harmonic motion with a period of 3.8 s. Calculate the length of the cables supporting the trapeze.

  4. Calculate the period and frequency of a 3.500 m long pendulum at the following locations:

    1. the North Pole, where g = 9.832 m/s^2

    2. Chicago, where g = 9.803 m/s^2

    3. Jakarta, Indonesia, where g = 9.782 m/s^2

Hooke’s Law

  1. What is the spring constant if a spring stretches 36 cm from its equilibrium position when a .55 kg mass is hung vertically from it? How does the stiffness of the spring compare to one with a spring constant of 270 N/m?

  2. A load of 45 N attached to a spring that is hanging vertically stretches the spring 0.14 m.What is the spring constant?

  3. A slingshot consists of a light leather cup attached between two rubber bands. If it takes a force of 32 N to stretch the bands 1.2 cm, what is the equivalent spring constant of the rubber bands?

  4. How much force is required to pull the cup of the slingshot in the problem above 3.0 cm from its equilibrium position?

Simple Harmonic Motion of Mass-Spring Systems

  1. A mass of 0.30 kg is attached to a spring and is set into vibration with a period of 0.24 s. What is the spring constant of the spring?

  2. When a mass of 25 g is attached to a certain spring, it makes 20 complete vibrations in 4.0 s. What is the spring constant of the spring?

  3. A 125 N object vibrates with a period of 3.56 s when hanging from a spring. What is the spring constant of the spring?

  4. A car with four people in it has a total mass of 1530 kg. The car is supported by a spring (each with a k=20000 N/m) at each wheel,  what is the period of vibration of the car when it is driven over a pothole in the road?

  5. A spring of spring constant 30.0 N/m is attached to different masses, and the system is set in motion. Find the period and frequency of vibration for masses of the following magnitudes:

    1. 2.3 kg

    2. 15 g

    3. 1.9 kg

Wave Speed 

  1. A sound wave produced by a clock chime is heard 515 m away 1.50 s later.

    1. Based on these measurements, what is the speed of sound in air?

    2. The sound wave has a frequency of 436 Hz. What is the period of the wave?

    3. What is the wavelength?

  2. If you want to increase the wavelength of waves in a rope, should you shake it at a higher or lower frequency?

  3. What is the speed of a periodic wave disturbance with a frequency of 3.50 Hz and a wavelength of 0.700 m?

  1. The speed of a transverse wave on a string is 15.0 m/s. If a source produces a disturbance that has a frequency of 6.00 Hz, what is its wavelength?

  2. Five wavelengths are generated every 0.100 s in a tank of water. What is the speed of the wave if the wavelength of the surface wave is 1.20 cm?

  1. How does the frequency of a wave change when the period of the wave is doubled?

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