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Work, Potential and Kinetic Energy. Risorsa per il CLIL di Fisica in lingua inglese

red - Di seguito viene proposta una risorsa sul lavoro, l'energia cinetica e l'energia potenziale. La risorsa può essere utilizzata nelle classi in cui sono attivi dei percorsi CLIL di Fisica in lingua inglese.


1. How much work is done in lifting a 300 Newton rock 10 meters off the ground?

2. A force of 200 Newtons is needed in order to push a wheelbarrow that weighs 1000 Newtons. If the wheelbarrow is pushed 30 meters, how much work is done on the wheelbarrow? How much force would it take to lift it instead?

3. Work is required to lift a barbell. How many times more work is required to lift the barbell three times high?

4. Which, if either, requires more work, lifting a 10 kg load a vertical distance of 2 m or lifting a 5 kg load a vertical distance of 4 m?

KE and PE

5. What are the equations for kinetic and potential energy?

6. Calculate the potential energy of 8,000,000 kg of water at the top of Niagara Falls, 50.0 m up.

7. A 35 kg chair is lifted 5 m off the ground. What is its potential energy?

8. An astronaut in full space gear climbs a vertical ladder on the earth. Later, the astronaut makes the same climb on the moon. In which locations does the gravitational potential energy of the astronaut change more? Explain.

9. (a) Calculate the kinetic energy of a 3.1 kg toy cart that moves at 4.8 m/s. (b) Calculate the kinetic energy of the same cart at twice the speed.

10. Suppose an automobile has 20,000 J of kinetic energy. When it moves at twice the speed, what will be its kinetic energy?

11. If a mouse and an elephant both run with the same kinetic energy, can you say which is running faster? Explain in terms of the equation for KE.

12. A hammer falls off a rooftop and strikes the ground with a certain KE. If it fell from a roof that was four times higher, how would its KE of impact compare? How much faster would it be moving just before impact? (Neglect air resistance.)

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